domingo, 17 de abril de 2011

Listen, Learn, Read On

M: I'm an Art Student . We draw, we paint, we study anatomy only to learn proportions. We just express ourselves in ways other people don't seem able to. We have a vision in us that makes us see a light in each person. Artistic minds are screwed up and tend to preach more than to act. And when we do act, we make it something unforgettable. Or we try at least, to make everything unique.

K: Man, I love your mind. I'm not particularly artistic. I'm good with words I think. Poems or songs. Not proper art. Fascinating.

M: Words are art.

Well,you certainly are good with them. Not many people are as good at expressing themselves as you. You give a very distinct and clear view.
At least to me anyway.

M: Like I said before: I write a lot. We all seek clearness and objectiveness in life. We speak through words. Either written or said. So why not use them to clarify what we can? Instead of burocracy. Burocracy disrespects the meaning of words and the act of writing itself, you know? It's just filling something with dispendable information in order to confuse and mislead you.

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